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South Central Droid Builders

Building Skills

When you start building your droid you will be using all that you know, plus learning new skills along the way.

Building Relationships

Throughout your new hobby, not only you will meet other builders, but you will meet people of all ages excited to meet your creations

Building Droids

This is why you are here. Building droids is a great hobby and can be a challenging and rewarding experience.

Building Skills

Let’s face it not everyone knows how to do everything. Learning new skills is just one thing you will accomplish on your droid building journey. Woodworking, electronics and painting are just some of the many things you will be exposed to and our members are willing to give advise or lend a helping hand.

Building Relationships

Meeting people and making friends is one of the benefits of our group. Being part of our group you will connect with many people through events and meetups. Helping each other with our builds is a surefire way to widen your circle.

Building Droids

Building droids is the main reason you are here. Aside from learning skills, you will enjoy the challenge of the build. There is much to think about even before you start like, what type of materials you would like to work with? What type of controller or electronics you will use? Would you like to make an R5 or R7 series? Or are you considering a standard R2-D2? Whatever you decide the choice is up to you and that is just part of the fun. Is it easy? No….Is it time consuming? Yes….But nothing can be more rewarding then a child (big or small) interacting or hugging a droid you built.

“My toddler loved watching the droids running around. After that had passed, she would call out to them to come back, or ask where the robots went.”

Heidi S.

“Thanks for inspiring us. We are starting to do research on what to build.”

Cliff N.

“We loved having you with us last year, and we are very much hoping to have y’all participate in Maker Faire this year”

Michelle L.